Busy summertime
May 26, 2015


This time of the year is very busy in the filmmaking field as we get good weather and everybody feels as if they have to film something, which is good!

So I said I would give you an update of what I have been doing and what I will be doing during summertime.

I went to Spain to work on a couple of commercials and I was honored to work as the C camera operator on a commercial for Audi, directed by Sebastian Weiland and produced by Goodgate.
Very lovely frames and great locations far away from Madrid and in the Jarama car circuit.

I also worked with the magnificent David Devlin and the terrific Henry Alex Rubin in a commercial for Adidas, produced by Goodgate in Spain.
Such a marvelous combination of brilliant minds, David Devlin is Kaminski’s gaffer and when he is not working with him he works as a cinematographer in commercials and music videos.

Talking to him after finishing the commercial was very rewarding and as Janusz did when I talked to him, David opened my mind in new directions that I thought I was not going to be able to see ever.

On the other hand I have some projects to shoot during the Summer.

Scared Of Crows, directed by Enda O’Connor and produced by Janette Lynch.
The Observer Effect, directed by Garret Walsh and produced by Kathy Horgan.
Daniel Corcoran’s new project, directed by Daniel Corcoran and produced by himself.
Fatal’s trailer, directed by Lowen Brandenburg and produced by Jane Sanger.
The Trap, directed by Shane and produced by himself.
Exhalación, directed by Al Díaz and produced by Al Díaz and Gracia Querejeta

And a couple of projects that I can’t talk about yet!

I will be creating a post for each of the films when the time comes so keep visiting the website! You never know when I will be posting next! :)