ESB – A Brighter Future gets a commendation for cinematography and directing at the ICAD Awards in Ireland
May 31, 2019

I can’t believe it!

The Institute of Creative Advertising and Design (ICAD) in Ireland is holding the ICAD Awards on June, 6th in Dublin and they just released the list of commendations.. and ESB got two commendations!!!

One of them is for cinematography and the other one is for directing!

I’m extremely happy and a bit over the moon.. it is just amazing!!!
Hats off to the wonderful cast and crew who made this project possible, they worked extremely hard and were very patient!

Many thanks to Ian for letting me shoot it and to the people from TBWA for having faith in a Spanish cinematographer who didn’t have anything to offer under his belt other than passion and hard work!
I hope that the trust that you all put on me was worth it! :)


ICAD Commendations 2019