Recce – Sanitas – Produced by Sal Gorda
Sep 04, 2018

I think that the best part of my life is working with my friends and when those friends tell you: “Hey! We are going to go driving and see if we can find the best location for this new project that we are shooting next week, do you want to come with us?” it is always a “Yes” from my side.

As a cinematographer I think that it is best for the project if I am involved in the selection of the place/s where we are going to shoot from an early stage because I can comment on things that I see as good things and things that are not as good.

That thought, which is quite obvious, doesn’t happen very often on commercials and that’s the reason why I’m always really keen on coming on board super early so I can have access to all the locations that the director and production team are taking a look at and give my input on each of them!

Hence, that’s what we did yesterday! We drove for 10 hours around Madrid looking for the best places to shoot our newest commercial for Sanitas, we found some of them and next Saturday we will be doing the tech recce, which involves loads of people rather than the producer, production designer, director and myself haha!

Quite a technical and complex job lighting wise!

Looking forward to shooting it!!!

Below, a photo from one of the locations that we loved but didn’t work for us for several reasons.