That’s a wrap on UNICEF – Directed by Santiago Zannou – Produced by Lobo Kane
Mar 31, 2019

We just finished shooting a charity project for Unicef.

It was a challenging one because we had to shoot 6 sequences (each totally different from each other) in 12 hours, with kids, big crane movements and a lot of Fx.

Santiago Zannou directed it marvellously and the wonderful people from Lobo Kane supported us in every possible way.

The work of the Art Department, led by Eduardo Parrilla was humongous as they had to create 6 different parts of the world in one single location.. and they didn’t have a lot of time to make it happen.

Thanks so much to every single person that made this possible, truly a team effort.

Really looking forward to seeing this one released.

South America
Beautiful Slate by our 2nd AC Raquel Rodriguez