Shooting a Red Cross commercial with Jota Aronak
Apr 29, 2017

For the last few days I have had the amazing opportunity to team up again with director Jota Aronak, production designer Carolina Vita and production company Sal Gorda to work together on such a marvellous project for Red Cross (Cruz Roja).

We had a really tight schedule for us to shoot across different locations in Madrid, Spain, but the production team led by Hector Bobo pull all the strings together to make sure that Jota’s, Carolina’s and my vision was fulfilled. Thanks for that guys! It was really really appreciated!

It was a very moving project for myself because I was a Red Cross volunteer when I was a kid so being able to work for them touched my feelings in a very deep level.

Jota’s vision was a very emotional one and part of the team had tears in their eyes when we were shooting some of the sequences, I almost cried in a couple of them too but I had to keep looking through the viewfinder so I couldn’t let those tears come out ha!

German Tejada, our 1st AD was such a blast to work with, he managed to keep everything and everybody running and in time!

Our G&E team stayed on top of the game too,  with so many company moves it had been very easy to lose control of everything but my gaffer Angel and his peers did a wonderful job.

I also had the opportunity to work with a great focus puller, Daniel Gil, who enjoyed working on the commercial too because I shot everything between T2.8 and T5.6, he was extremely happy!!

He is a magnificent 1ST AC and the rest of the camera crew, Vivi (2ND AC) and Gracia (Video Technician) run the rest of the things really smoothly!

I just can say thank you very much to all of you for letting me work with you on this fantastic project.

Thanks for the pic Vivian! ;)